Nanoimprint Lithography System


The assembly of integrative tissue systems requires capabilities for additive construction of scaffolds embedded with different cell types that are patterned over multiple layers. In order to construct such architectures of tissue systems, we have assembled a suite of tools centered around the theme of imprinting polymeric layers that are embedded with biological cells, followed by alignment to subsequent layers and their eventual bonding for the construction of a hybrid implantable tissue platform. Capabilities include:

  • Double-sided lithographic alignment of layers (EVG 620)

  • Imprinting under UV or visible light curing conditions with top or bottom molds (Soft-NIL)

  • Automated pressure control for imprinting and de-molding  (Smart NIL).

  • Patterned delivery of biomolecules (micro-contact printing)

  • Hot embossing for imprinting and bonding (EVG 510)