CAD Bio Summer 2020 Undergraduate Internship


This summer, the Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing provided work and stipends to 20 undergraduate students. The students worked remotely for faculty who had received seed funds. Students met with faculty and graduate student mentors weekly and were given a broad range of tasks. Projects included the following:

  • A Not So Short Peptide Hydrogel Review
  • Open Microfluidic Probe for Spatially Localized In Vitro Stimulation and Sample Collection from Cell    Microenvironments
  • Continuous Sampling in Anaerobic Coculture Systems
  • Characterization of Cross-linkable Hydrogels using NMR
  • Cell Sourcing and Bioprinting for Scalable Volumetric Muscle Loss Applications
  • Application of Tissue Engineering in Intervertebral Disc (IVD) Degeneration
  • ATPS (aqueous two-phase system) Produced Alginate Hydrogel Fibers
  • Photodegradable Porous Scaffolds for Cell Manufacturing
  • Dermal Hydrogels
  • Image Processing Tool for Cardiac Tissue Fibrosis
  • 3D ABM Model of Skeletal Muscle Cell Infiltration of MAP Gel Scaffold
  • Supramolecular Literature Research
  • 3D Bioprinting Pancreatic Cancer Models